Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Venetian Mask Making Event

On Wednesday February 27th, 2019, in the Fisher student center room 1, we held the annual Venetian Mask Making event in honor of Carnevale.

We had a good showing at today's event to celebrate Carnevale. Everyone loved gathering around  listening to great Italian american music and creating beautiful masks. It was a good environment to be in because everyone was embracing the culture of Venice.

Carnevale is like a send off before the season of lent. In the city of Venice, they party and enjoy themselves before they have to give up a lot for their religion. People celebrate for two weeks using dancing, dressing up in wonderful colors, and wearing masks. It is a wonderful time for everyone to get together and celebrate the culture of Venice. 

Everyone enjoying the craft of making Venetian masks. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Annual Cannoli Event

On February 13th, 2019, we had our annual cannoli assembling event.  We simply made the filling from a recipe then filled our own cannolis and decorated the ends with mini chocolate chips! There are various types of cannoli filling recipes, but we used the most basic filling recipe to teach our members. 

Here are some pictures of our meeting!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Welcome Spring 2019!

As we settle into the new Spring 2019 semester, we have developed an official list of our club meetings from now through April:

Feb. 13 - We will be having our annual cannoli event. Please stop by to learn the recipe and process of making this wonderful Italian dessert!

Feb. 27 - Join us for Venetian mask making! Make your own traditional Italian mask derived from the city of Venice's history.

Mar. 20 - Our film event this semester will be Bienvenuti al Sud, an Italian comedy about adjusting to the cultural differences between the North and South of Italy.

Mar. 27 - We will dive into the topic of immigration, study abroad, culture and travel logistics in Italy.

Apr. 10 - Viva il calcio! Join us to discuss combating organized crime in Italy, as well as what it's truly like to be at an Italian soccer game.

Apr. 24 - Join us in celebrating the end of another great year with a traditional Italian banquet!

We are very excited for all that we have planned for this semester. We hope that you will join us to learn more about traditional Italian culture and lifestyle!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Skype with Students in Milano 10/24/18

On Wednesday October 24th, 2018 we skyped with two IB students, Erin and Amara, whom are currently studying in Milano.  We asked them many questions on their experience abroad so far.  We asked about the university, classes, local area, travel and of course, speaking italian!  

They said they use their Italian skills quite often rather than depending on speaking English.  Which is intimidating yet exciting for students planning to go to Italy to hear and prepare for.  The girls talked about how a lot of the times they take trains or buses to visit other countries.  Since Everything in Europe is very close, it is easier and cheaper to travel from country to country.  They gave a few tips on this such as websites to use to plan your travels. As for the college they are attending they said they are enjoying studying in Italy a lot.  They also informed us that they are currently doing internships and they are especially enjoying those.  

Talking to these girls, hearing their tips and advice for studying abroad and dealing with being in an unfamiliar territory was very useful and informational!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tutti Contro Tutti Fall 2018 Film Event on 10/10

               As our second official club meeting of the semester, the Italian American Association here at Bryant University hosted an event to view the Italian film Tutti Contro Tutti, which can be translated into English as Everyone Against Everyone. While, for once, technology was on our side and we did not have any difficulties showing the film, the characters in Tutti Contro Tutti seemed to find much difficulty among one another. 

               Tutti Contro Tutti follows the story of a family living in a rented apartment building on the outskirts of Rome. Agostino, the main character and father in this family, lives with his wife Anna, their two children Erica and Lorenzo, and the grandfather Rocco. One day, while the family is out attending Lorenzo's First Communion, the Rizzuti family moves into their apartment. When Agostino and his family return, they are shocked to discover that they no longer have a place to live, and that all of their things were left for them in the hallway.

               Agostino immediately reports to the police about his problem, only to find out that the landlord he has been paying each month does not actually own the apartment building. Even worse, Agostino does not have a contract to show for his apartment lease, and therefore has no right to living in the apartment. After spending a night with his in-laws Romana and Sergio, Agostino decides he is determined to get their apartment back.

               The next day, Agostino and his family set up their belongings outside of their apartment in the hallway, serving as an example to all of the other tenants that the very same thing could happen to them. As Agostino and the Rizzuti family continue to battle for the apartment each day, Lorenzo begins to fall behind in school, Anna is losing sleep and under-performing at work, and Erica is getting teased by her boyfriend and others at school. As if everything else is not already falling apart, Agostino loses his job renovating a villa.

               Anna, who is sick of waiting for Agostino to find a new home, takes the children and returns to stay at Romana and Sergio's home. Rocco and Agostino do not give up on getting back the apartment. They discover that their supposed landlord has set fire to a camp of homeless gypsies, leading to the unjust death of one person. Agostino then confronts the landlord, and, in addition to a confession by the landlord's son, he is arrested for this crime.

                After some time away from home, Anna begins to miss having her family all under one roof and returns to Agostino ready to give up on finding a new apartment. Agostino and his family partner with the other families in the building to devise a plan to get the Rizzuti family out of the apartment. The group is successful in taking back the apartment from the Rizzuti family, with Sergio finding himself alone in the apartment. He then informs Agostino through the door that he will be occupying the apartment from now on because Romana is expecting another child and their current apartment is too small. Agostino is then left to live in Romana and Sergio's old apartment.

               Once the film was over, our IAA E-board led a discussion explaining some background information about realities in Italy today and through asking a series of questions to the attendees. We emphasized how it is important to always have a contract as proof of any deal or exchange, as well as how many people in Italy today experience this very situation of home loss. Some of the viewers felt that the film demonstrated the state of desperation that Agostino endured while trying to get the apartment back for his family. Others felt that Tutti Contro Tutti exemplified how important a home is to a family, and how it acts as more than just a place to live.

               Thank you to everybody that helped make this film event a success; we look forward to our next IAA film event!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Facciamo la pizza!

Ciao tutti,

During our first IAA meeting of the semester, on September 26, 2018, our club members had the opportunity of making pizza dough. While at the meeting, they also learned how Italians do things differently. Things as simple as Italian eating habits up to Italian's concept of personal space, we talked about the most important things we thought our members should know before they head over to Italy in the future.

With regards to the pizza dough recipe that we used, it is very simple:
1) Mix water with an envelope of active dry yeast and let dissolve.
2) After the yeast has dissolved, mix-in the flour and the salt.
3) Continue to beat until dough is smooth.

- 3/4 cup warm water
- 1 envelope active dry yeast
- 2 cups of all-purpose flour
- 3/4 teaspoon salt

Monday, March 26, 2018

Cannoli Event

On Wednesday 03/22 we had our annual cannoli making event.  At this event, students were able to follow a super simple recipe and fill their own cannoli. 

Cannoli is a traditional Sicilian dessert filled with ricotta and chocolate chips.  They often come in different variations with various toppings such as pistachios or more chocolate. 

Here are some pictures from our event:

Thank you to all who came!