Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Carnevale Mask Making Event

On Wednesday February 21st IAA hosted our annual Carnevale Mask Making Event as a late celebration of Carnevale. 

What is Carnevale?
It is like the Italian Mardi Gras.  Carnevale is the last celebration before lent that begins on Ash Wednesday.  Historically, lent is a time where many Catholics deprive themselves of a luxury or something that they typically enjoy.  The idea behind Carnevale is to party and have fun before the season of lent.

In Italy, celebrations are held all over however the most prominent celebrations are in Venice.  Carnevale was first celebrated in Venice in 1094 and still occurs today.  People celebrate for two weeks and it is a time where people dress up in colorful costumes and masks.  Carnevale allows Italians to be as creative as possible and even adopt a different persona.  In Venice, Carnevale celebrations are so popular that there is a famous saying:  A Carnevale, ogni scherzo vale.  This means that people can go around pulling pranks on people and others will turn a blind eye to it. 

Here is a video from 2018 Carnevale in Venice!

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